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War Pictures

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[11 Dec 2004|02:12am]

Photographs of 6 Iraqi boys - 3 dead, 2 wounded, 1 captured unwounded:

The same 3 weapons are moved in front of all 6 Iraqi boys in different photos to document the point that these boys' deaths/injuries/capture were the result of the group possessing, aiming, or firing these weapons.

The six boys look to be in their early to mid teens.
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[15 Apr 2004|03:12am]


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Why [04 Apr 2003|07:57am]

Why is it Iraq can't show US POW's on TV yet the US can show Iraqi POW's? Just another sign of how hypocritical the US has become


Iraqi men and children screaming and running away after their Al-Ahmadiya neighborhood in Baghdad was bombed--


Razaq Al Kazem Al Khafaji grieves over the bodies of his children in Hilla. He lost 15 members (including 6 children) of his family as his care was bombed by coalition helicopters while fleeing towards babylong.


An Iraqi woman crying after her house was hit by a US missle in Baghdad

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[03 Apr 2003|07:13am]

Click Here
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[01 Apr 2003|07:58am]

A wounded Iraqi girl is treated by U.S. marines in central Iraq March 29, 2003. Confused front line crossfire ripped apart an Iraqi family on Saturday after local soldiers appeared to force civilians towards U.S. marines positions. The four-year old girl, blood streaming from an eye wound, was screaming for her dead mother, while her father, shot in a leg, begged to be freed from the plastic wrist cuffs slapped on him by U.S. marines, so he could hug his other terrified daughter. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj -link

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Dougs Pics [25 Mar 2003|10:27pm]

Doug is a local guy from Louisville, KY (where I live) that went to Iraq before the war due to the possibility of war... he is there to document what goes on (as well as war crimes) and help the Iraqi people--for Dougs journal you can go to my LJ where it is mirrored (so that the server his journal is on does not get overloaded)
Click Here to go to my LJ for Doug's Journal to find out about all these pics

All Pics taken by IPT (the group Doug is with)

Doug's Pics of Amal's birthday party

Amal cuts her cake

Amal Shemuri on her 13th birthday

Shane Clairborne of the Iraq Peace Team blows bubbles for the kids

Pictures taken by IPT (the group Doug is in) including some of the children mentioned in Dougs Diary

Dhohah Shiel-Age 6 Spinal cord injury

Ahmed Saba, 930 PM took shrapnel to leg and right forearm

Man soon to be married. Bride still missing at bomb site

Muhammed Adman. Received cuts to his head and face from shrapnel

Nada Adman has an open skull fracture from shrapnel and large
From Doug's journal--what Nada said while he was visiting--Nada Adman, Mohammed's 14 year old sister, had head, face, and leg injuries, and she kept asking in Arabic, why did they do this to me? What did I do? All I could do was shrug and try to keep from crying.

Teenager taken to surgery. Received shrapnel to head

Nahla Haibi fractured both legs when her car overturned

Rafah Widad Muhammed, age 25, injured by cruise missile while inside her house

Rana Adman, age 9, injured from shrapnel to her left arm

Rashan Muzher, age 19, received shrapnel to her head

Rusel Salim Abbas, age 10, injured while closing the door to her house

Saad Hassen, age 12, wounded in abdomen by shrapnel

Teenager taken to surgery. Received shrapnel to head and leg
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Keep in mind that my headlines and captions are SARCASM. [25 Mar 2003|02:35pm]

This is how to make the world love and respect you, and how to enhance security and prevent future terrorist attacks on America:

Now he loves the U.S.: "Thank you for liberating me from my eyes."

"This war kicks ass!"

"Now I have the freedom to not walk. Go U.S.A.!"

"If my daughter wasn't fucking dead, I'm sure she would welcome her liberators with open arms."

This man is clearly in shock and awe.

"We surrender!" ::waves white flag:: BANG!


Thankfully we were able to neutralize these young Taliban soldiers
before they were able to destroy America.


We had us a good old-fashioned Ayrab Barbeque!
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Community [25 Mar 2003|02:34pm]

This community was created specifically for pictures from the Iraqi war.... these pictures do not require LJ cuts. The Iraqi people HAVE TO see these images everyday... this is the reality of war.

*Make sure when you do post a picture that the source is also listed and a link if possible
*LJ cuts are not required
*No Trolls will be tolerated
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